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Maximising Financial Gains: The Unseen Value of Professional Advice

2023 has been a challenging year, with increased market volatility and high inflation. However, amidst the uncertainty is a beacon of stability and growth - the professional financial adviser.

A recent report by Russell Investments underscores with a striking statistic: advised Australian investors are 5.9% better off annually than their non-advised counterparts.

The Tangible Benefits: Beyond Numbers

The report delves into various domains where advisers add significant value:

1. Behavioural Coaching: Behavioural coaching contributes 3.4% to the value of investors' portfolios. Investors often make emotional decisions which end up hurting their their long-term financial objectives. Advisers help guide behaviour clients to maintain a strategic, long-term perspective, which is crucial for sustained growth.

2. Asset Allocation: Accounted for 1.2% of the added value in 2023, asset allocation is more than just a number. The tailored approach is crucial in navigating the complex world of investments, where one-size-fits-all solutions fall short.

3. Tax-Savvy Planning and Investing: Adding another 1.3% in value, this aspect highlights the adviser's expertise in structuring investment portfolios to be tax-efficient, ensuring portfolios do not suffer from unnecessary tax burdens, and optimising net performance.

The Intangible Value: A Trusted Partnership

Beyond the quantifiable benefits, financial advisers bring an invaluable human element to the table:

- Retirement Planning and Life Insurance: Advisers provide expert guidance in these critical areas, helping clients secure their future and that of their loved ones.

- Social Security: Navigating the complexities of social security is another area where advisers offer indispensable advice.

- Emotional Support and Guidance: In times of personal upheaval or market volatility, advisers act as a sounding board, offering reasoned counsel and advocacy, fostering a relationship that transcends mere financial transactions.


In 2023, the role of a financial adviser has evolved into something far greater than a mere consultant. They are partners in the financial journey, blending expertise with empathy, strategy with support. The value they add – both tangible and intangible – is a testament to their pivotal role in helping Australians navigate the complexities of investing and achieving financial peace of mind.

For those seeking to secure their financial future, the message is clear: the guidance of a professional financial adviser is not just beneficial; it's essential.

For those wanting to see the Russell Investments report in full, you can download it here.


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